Vegas Three Card Rummy at SpinPalace Casino Online

Spin Palace casino online offers players a refreshing treat with Vegas Three Card Rummy. This game is a twist on the classic game of Rummy that people all over the world have come to know and love. The player and dealer receive three cards each, and the player must have fewer points than the dealer in order to win. The point values in the game are: cards two through 10 are scored at face value; face cards are worth 10 points, Aces are worth one point, pairs, triples, and two- or three-card suited runs are worth zero points.

Players must first ante within table limits, and at SpinPalace Casino online, these limits involve a $1 minimum and a $250 maximum. Bonus bets can also be made by selecting the corresponding box on the screen. After bets are placed, the player clicks 'deal' and both the player and the dealer receive three cards. After the cards have been dealt, the player must then essentially double his or her bet in order to compare cards with the dealer, but the player may also choose to fold at this point if he or she feels that the hand will not win. The player wins if the dealer's hand is valued at 20 points or more or if his or her hand is of lesser point value than that of the dealer.

In this game, if the player has a hand that can be scored as either a pair or a two-card suited run, the two-card suited run will determine the score of the hand when the resulting scores would be equal. When placing bets, players can choose from $1, $5, $25 and $100 denominations in order to create a bet that is between the $1 and $250 table limits. Spin palace casino also provides a ReBet option to make placing consecutive bets simpler and easier.