The Difference with Live Dealer Blackjack Online

With so many different online casinos offering blackjack games, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. Players may want to pay attention, then to those casinos that offer live dealers. When players sign on to live dealer blackjack online, they get all the benefits of playing with actual live people, without ever having to leave behind the comforts of home.

What Live Dealer Blackjack Is

The main difference with live dealer blackjack online is that instead of competing against a computer simulation and a random number generator, players compete against an actual live dealer with real physical cards. Through the use of video cameras and live internet streaming, live casinos have actual dealers communicate with players in real time. They are able to banter back and forth and deal cards to the players on the other side of the camera.

Different Strategies

This of course requires players to switch up the strategies that they may have been using to play blackjack online. Because they're dealing with real people, they don't have time to consult strategy guides or look up the best odds for each move. Instead they have to make decisions in real time. There may be other players at the table who will be annoyed by anything that slows the game down. Players who rely on strategy guides may want to test out some other blackjack techniques such as card counting or calculating the balance of the deck.

By giving them more chances for social interactions, casinos that offer live dealer blackjack online can give players the feeling of actually being in a casino. Players will love the realistic casino experience combined with the convenience of playing from home.