The Background of Keno Online

The great game of keno has had a long journey to get to its current home online. With a history that stretches back to ancient China, no other game has as exciting a history or background as keno online.

Ancient Origins

Keno actually began a fundraising game for the Chinese military in 200 B.C. When Ancient China was threatened by pillaging hordes from Mongolia, the Chinese government had to come up with a way to both distract the worried villagers and to quickly and effectively raise money for their own army. Keno provided the perfect solution. As millions of citizens would unite in playing the game, the proceeds they paid would go toward feeding, clothing, and arming the soldiers that protected them.

Into the Virtual World

The game that is played today online differs in only very small but very real ways from the original version of keno. Instead of using Chinese characters, today players choose from a grid of numbers. Also, instead of a flock of doves flying out from the capital to announce the winning combinations, players receive the winning numbers through a random number generator, that makes sure the game is completely fair. Still, the format of the game has remained much the same, and the cash prizes are still as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

When players sign in to play keno online, they join a long tradition of players around the world. Though the modern game lacks the nationalistic motivations and state sanctioned rewards of the Ancient version, players can enjoy just as real rewards as they play this incredibly popular lottery game.