Betting on the Pass Line in Online Craps

One of the most heavily recommended bets in online craps is the pass line bet. Players benefit from the favorable odds, winning more money and staying in the game the longest. However, before players make this common bet, there are a few things they should know about the pass line bet.

How the Pass Line Bet Works

When a player places money on the pass line bet, he or she is hoping for a few things. First, if the initial come out roll is either a 7 or 11, the bet automatically wins. If the bet is a 2, 3, or 12, the bet loses, but this is a fairly rare occurrence as these have the lowest odds of any of the many rolls. If the initial roll is anything else, a point number is established. From that point, in order for the pass line bet to win, the shooter has to roll that point number a second time before rolling a seven. If that happens, the player wins, but if a seven is rolled before that, the player loses the bet.

The Odds and the Payouts

For the most part, pass line bets pay out even money when they win. That means if a player puts down $5, they will get back $10: their initial bet plus a matching amount. The odds are definitely in the player's favor that the pass line bet will win. For instance, the odds that the first roll will come up craps are 8:1 against it. Then once the point is established, only a 7 can cost the player a win.

Because the odds are in their favor, players make sure that they will win the most money by betting on the pass line.